Development Process

Business Owner creates a prioritized wish list ( product backlog) or their "dreams"
The Wayfast platform turns the users dreams into user stories and then into requirements
From the requirements stage the Wayfast platform within days not months a functional prototype is created allowing the user to see, feel and touch his or her application.
After a cycle of iterations again days not months an approved functional prototype is completed.
Once approved in a short cycle of architecture, programming and testing the project goes to production.

What you build with

Create Web and Mobile Apps, FAST.

How can it drive business strategy?

With Wayfast both developers and business users have lightning fast tools to build and deliver apps like never before.


Project Management tool

Based on Scrum Methodology, run your projects managing: Developers, Users, Meetings, Requirements, User Stories, Sprints, Release Backlogs, Emails, Phone calls, Minute of meetings and more

Prototyping Engine

Graphical creation of Webpages or Mobile Webpages (WYSIWYG), Workflows (SwimLane)

Rapid Application Development tool

Graphical definition of data modeling (E-R) Easy and super fast conversion from prototype to an app

Fully Integrated Testing tool

Stop struggling with testing cases. Wayfast testing tool does it automatically for you, enabling an easy way to aid developers in fixing bugs.

Multi Development Environments Manager

With wayfast the administration of the different environments ensure transparent deployments Manage multi versioning.

An Autodocumentation Engine

Reduce the times invested in documentation to cero.

The Business User

Create employee-facing apps that are instantly social and mobile. Development in WayFast is object-oriented and requires no coding.

Mobile apps

WayFast gives you tools that allow developers and business users to quickly build engaging mobile apps with ease. So your company can leverage your trusted, enterprise cloud or premise platforms that hold all your business and customer data — along with the services to deliver the engaging mobile apps users want.

Embedded Analytics

Create personalized reports and dashboards by department, role, and individual with the simplicity of drag-and-drop tools. Show key business metrics in real time and easily drill down for additional detail. Then share key insights internally via social feeds and across mobile devices. It’s all included.

What you build on

The cloud.

The cloud Platform delivers the robust, scalable, trusted, and flexible infrastructure so IT can stop worrying about hardware and maintenance and start building apps that drive real business results, fast.

Fully Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Experience a secure, reliable, and trusted enterprise cloud app platform. Focus on your apps, not infrastructure maintenance. Scale with ease. Build, test, and deploy on a shared infrastructure. Get automatic upgrades for your apps. No hardware, no headaches

Open Cloud Database

Our Platform puts cloud or premise based database technology at IT’s fingertips to build rich forms and customer data models without code. And all the apps supporting your business processes interact with exactly one (and only one) version of your data that is consistent and transactional. So IT doesn’t have to spend time and money on expensive integration between apps the takes advantage of our U.S. patented “Robot” technology.

Integrate everything

With Wayfast’s exclusive integration engine, one can integrate without limits, be they technologies or applications with SOA or SOA Less interfaces.

  • Reuse open source connectors or create your own.
  • Connect to software packages, your current apps, or existing databases cloud or premise.
  • Mash up the data from several systems with visual flows.

Build once for all devices

  • Leverage responsive design to create multi-device applications without extra effort.
  • Your applications will look amazing and work seamlessly across all form factors, by default.

You can utilize our FACTORY or your OWN TEAM to take advantage of development

10 x faster than Traditional Application Development

We can help you by developing the first projects for you with our own nearshore factory.

We will perform exactly the same Wayfast Process which will provides you the way to:

  • Get an amazingly fast prototypes.
  • Control the execution of the whole requirements
  • The meeting
  • The interaction between your Business Users and the team.
  • You will follow the evolution of your project from its definition until the implementation.
  • You will be able to maintain and evolve your projects by yourself after the implementation.

We can train you to keep developing software yourself.

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