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What is APaaS - Application Plaform as a Service

APaaS (Application Platform as a Service) - is a category of cloud computing services that provides a platform allowing customers to develop, run and manage Web and mobile applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching of Web and Mobile applications.

What is the SCRUM Methodology

Scrum in 100 words: Scrum is an agile process that allows us to focus on delivering the highest business value in the shortest time. It allows us to rapidly and repeatedly inspect actual working software (every two weeks to one month).The business sets the priorities. Our teams self-manage to determine the best way to deliver the highest priority features. Every two weeks to a month anyone can see real working software and decide to release it as is or continue to enhance for another iteration.

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What is Wayfast?

Discover the tools and services trusted by over 150,000 users.

Focused on solving business problems the Wayfast Platform allows you

  • To control the cost of change
  • Increase Productivity
  • Help your Business Innovate

The Wayfast platform allows Business Users (BU) to create simple or the complex solutions in less than 1/10 the time of the traditional application development. Starting from Business User (BU) requirements, utilizing integrated Scrum Methodology accelerates the analysis phase.

Next a powerful integrated prototype engine allows you to build a functional prototype measured in hours or days not weeks or months.Once this functional prototype is approved the next step is to convert the prototype into the final web or mobile application, from business need to reality in 1/10th the time.

Based on Wayfast’s patent pending technology that guarantees every page will consume no more than 10k in bandwidth allows the benefits to continue from development through deployment of the application. This technology will reduce the cloud bandwidth required to run these applications, both saving money and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Major Banks like Santander or BBVA already are changing their software development paradigm with Wayfast.


Why Wayfast

Flexible. Agile. Simple. Open. Today.

Develop, implement, and manage the mobile and web application development cycle 10x faster


Gives Business Users a tool that will enable them to quickly create business forms and process workflows without any programming skills.

Allow your IT staff to a line to corporate objectives adding complex integration functions and/or transforming the web form into a sophisticated web or mobile application.

Integration with any other application either by an API, SOA or Legacy interface thanks to its patented (US PAT 7702773) integration engine

Unique powerfull prototype module – allowing end users too quickly and cost effectivly see how the application will sove the business needs it was created to solve.

  • Accurate and fast Process development.
  • 1/10 th Development Time.
  • 100% Definition Process Traceability.
  • Low Implementation Costs.
  • Wayfast is simple because you can build your workflows and applications with almost zero lines of code.
  • Wayfast enables you to customize your workflows and create specific reporting based on your it & telecom infrastructure business requirements.

In a few days you can get WORKING PROTOTYPES.

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