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Santander Bank Mexico 2014 “LEGAL Documentation to open business accounts”


Santander Bank is the third largest bank in Mexico with over 30,000 employees and 1,300 branches servicing over 11 million customers.

Currently to satisfy the demand for internal bank applications, Santander has set-up an internal company (ISBAN) that currently employs over 500 Developers.

Santander had the vision to implement a game changing solution dealing with the bank's business users overwhelming demand for applications. Even with Santander owning a 500 employee software factory and a multi million dollar annual budget could not keep pace from the bank's business users. In addition there were no analytics to track what these programmers were spending their time on and cost overruns were systemic.

This game changing solution is Asignet’s WayFast (Rapid Application Development) platform. Launched in late 2012 as a platform to develop applications up to 10 times as fast compared to traditional application development. The impact of Way Fast was immediate starting with projects that had a very high impact on the business.

One of 30 plus projects which is the focus of this paper was the development of a web application to open business banking accounts from any branch country wide. Santander’s business process is to gather the required documentation form the customers at the branch, this paper work is then sent to one of 30 internal and one of 260 external law firms for review.

Before the WayFast Application it took between 15 and 20 days to analyze the documentation and deliver the review and approval to open the business bank Account.

The main issues were:

  • Lack of a process to follow the folder from the branch to the internal legal department and the external law firms.
  • Lack of a process to handle the authorizations
  • Lack of control of the different documentation required to the company.
  • Lack of balance of the amount of folders sent to the different law firms.
  • Lack of metrics to measure the SLAs of each law firm and internal lawyers.

The consequences:

  • Delays in opening business accounts for the bank
  • Bad user experience
  • Attrition
  • Lost customers
  • Inefficient internal process
  • Loss of revenue

Utilizing Asignet’s Way Fast platform, we develop a tool to administrate the entire business process for opening a business banking account.

How: focus on the Bisiness User from business requirement to a working application with Way Fast (RAD) 10x faster than traditional development

This approach focuses on the business user to understand their needs, in many cases developing the user needs.

Utilizing the Wayfast platform we delivered a functional Prototype in 14 days, this prototype allowed Santender’s BU to validate the different actors and achieve the final functionality to implement the business account opening process. The validation process took 4 iterations and was completed in 30 days.

The whole project took 5 month which is 5X faster than traditional application development at one quarter of the cost.

From that point we get the approval from the users and started a 4 month Product Bag Log Project which meant:

  • 50 web pages
  • 1,000 page elements
  • 167 data base accesses
  • 4,000 line codes
  • 50 flow instances
  • 8,500 users.
Business Results:

After one year running:

  • 130,000 new business accounts opened with Centralized information to be accessed
  • The process to open a business account went from 20 day to 1.5 days 450 new business accounts opened
  • Accurate information regarding the law firms with better performance.
  • The faster they deliver the more cases they receive.
  • Detailed Metrics for Corporate Quality assurance to measure how the process is working.
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